Never fully in it
Never fully there
Always stuck in in-betweens
No stillness in the air



O captain, my captain
O where have you gone
The life you’ve forsaken
Has seen it’s last dawn

The laughs you created
Ways to hide away your pain
The pain so deeply gnawing
Relief you found in vain

I’m sorry no one was there to help
No one to cry by your side
The last of what you death with
Too much to bear the tide

But fret I must not
I take peace in what you’ve given me
“Seize the day boys,” you said
Make your lives extraordinary!


You were my first
I was your one and only
You loved me with such depth
You gave your heart so boldly

You were the one who saw right through me
We talked about forever
And I’ll always regret the day
I left our love to sever

It’s been five years since I’ve seen you
I always wonder how you are
October is coming up
Did you leave the door ajar?


Take it away
I want to be rid of it
Make me alive
I want to know the feel of it

But no, wait
Stay away
I’m having doubts
About you even wanting to stay

Tonight will be amazing
But tomorrow morning is what matters
If I wake up to an empty bed
I’ll be left in scars and tatters

I’ve always desired love
More than I’ve ever wanted lust
So if your heart’s not mine to keep
I’m sorry, but leave you must


It’s taken for granted
It’s set aside
It’s warped and deceiving
And can easily misguide

I find myself wanting more of it
Seems like there’s never enough
I find myself needing more it
Someway to counteract the bluffs

But don’t misunderstand
I don’t need immortality
I just need to do my best
To stray away from life’s inanity

The past, the future, the present
At some point they all blend in
But don’t let this time warp fool you
Every moment’s a chance to begin

So you can take away your safety nets
And leave me with the rest
For I said I have a fear of time
But mentioned nothing about fear of death


To me you are everything
Tenderness, longing, deepest desires of the heart
To me you are everything
Intensity, passion, conversations in the dark

But you’re purely an idea
Elusive and enigmatic
A creation romanticized
A secret kept in the attic

Beautiful things aren’t meant to be captured
And it should be kept that way
Because once reigned in
Thus begins their decay