Maybe we shouldn’t meet again
Maybe we should keep our distance
All the dreams I’ve built around you
Will come down crumbling in an instance

I don’t know where this is going
I don’t know where this will lead
But the more I think about it
The more comes feelings of unease

Problem is I’m already falling
I’ve built you so high up in my head
You say we have a lot to discuss
Can we not talk about it instead?

Maybe I should stay away
I’ll keep you as inspiration
At least I know someone like you exists
You and me in another dimension

Sadly the idea is always better
Reality never lives up
I feel somehow you’ll let me down
I’ll be left a sad, half-empty cup

I promised you I’ll sing a song
And you agreed to listen
But maybe this is not our time
Maybe our stars aren’t meant to glisten



Such a myriad of choices
My brain’s starting to ache
How many brands of cereal
Do you really need to make

Walking through the aisles
I’m getting visions of The Shining
Stacks and stacks of endless goods
Can feel rather confining

A surplus of commodities
An excess in consumerism
Obscene amounts being put to waste
Another means to fill the tedium

All I want is to get to the counter
Please just check me the hell out
Can this line go any slower
I’m starting to have an anxious bout


Is it that hard to type
H and I and press send
Pick up your damn phone already
Less than three seconds you’ll spend

I curse my Iphone’s screen
Every glare sparks some hope
My heart stops every time
My mind begins to mope

How the hell I’ve been doing
Do you even want to ask
Showing you care if even just a little
Is that such an arduous task?

Well then, whatever
I could not give less of a fuck
It seems like we’re almost over
You’re at the end of your goddamn luck


I want to hold your hand
Tell you everything will be okay
But with pain this enormous
What do I even say?

I can give you all the cliches in the world
Tell you everything will get better
But what good is finding a leak in the roof
And trying to cover it with paper

The agony you feel is warranted
Don’t try to hold back the tears
Just let them fall and let them run
No need for composed veneers

You might be asking, “Why this?”
Why did this have to happen?
This cruel world can be unfair
Forsaken and abandoned

My thoughts are with you Dario
I hope you know this by now
With all your dark and stormy clouds
Please find the silver lining somehow


I want you in my life
I long to wake up in your embrace
But trust me it won’t be long
Till we end up losing this race

Emotions are fleeting
They’re betraying and fickle
Like the Little Prince’s rose
Ephemeral and riddled

I tell you relationships falter
These feelings will come and go
Once we try to make it work
Your restlessness will grow

You want to be in my life you claim
That’s difficult to believe
From all the things you’ve said and done
Your faithfulness hard to conceive

It will all come to an end
The bitterness inevitable
We’ll have to go our separate ways
We’re fighting a losing battle

So friendship is what I can give to you
Better take it with a smile
Be kind, be true, be there for me
And make it worth my while

So I want you in my life
But I won’t wake up to your embrace
For when I say, “I love you”
Thus starts the countdown of our days