Society wasn’t built for our spirits
Not made to make us feel alive
It’s sole purpose is to use us dry
Our true human natures deprived

We weren’t born to live as slaves
To mundane work and meager wages
Suffocated by distilled air
Left slowly rotting in our cages

All these jobs of 9 to 5’s
Perpetuations of our misery
Everyday tedium of making means
Can’t you feel the fucking toxicity?

My god, wake up
This isn’t the life we’re supposed to live
Beyond these prison walls
The world has so much to give

I want to break free of these chains
But this enemy’s too vile of a warrior
He’ll tighten the shackles and add on the weights
And keep eating at your wounded interior

I want to break free of these chains
But honestly I don’t know how
I will keep fighting till my dying breath
At least this I can avow

So join me in this revolution
Take my hand and please hold tight
Our freedom lies beyond these walls
And don’t you dare lose sight



How easy would it be
A slight turn of the steering wheel
Put an end to all this madness
To the emptiness I feel

The roads are not so winding
The lanes are starting to blur
The sun is barely setting
My insides begin to stir

If only it wasn’t so formidable
Oblivion is just at reach
A vacuum of space and nothingness
This void I so beseech

But as I turn my freeway’s exit
Make a left on Cherry Street
I realize it was never an option
To succumb to such defeat


Sitting in the darkness
With loneliness, my old friend
He says, “Child, stop your crying.”
I say, “Don’t you condescend.”

Too many moments of solitude
The desolation starts to linger
More and more people slip away
Like sand falling through my fingers

I try to stop the slipping
Catch every bit of grain
But just like longing for lost love
This act I do in vain

“So loneliness,” I tell him
“At least you’re here to stay.”
He smiles and say, “Don’t worry child.”
“I’ll always have my way.”


Expectation is the root cause of all heartache
Our old dear friend Shakespeare once said
And I do believe it’s rather practical
To take advice from the dead

He knows what he was talking about
He understood the human plight
And this plight that I’m about to speak of
Has brought my longing to new heights

I’ve been doing alright by myself
Found ways to subdue the loneliness
But the more your presence hovers
The more I start to crave togetherness

I want you to say “I’ve finally found you”
I want to say I’m all you need
I want you to want to be with me
Love, lust and all it’s greed

I want you to hold my hand
Keep me safe in your embrace
I want to wake up lying next to you
Study the laugh lines of your face

I want to be with you when I’m happy
Share the things that make me sad
I want to listen to all your stories
All the good and all the bad

I want us to go on crazy adventures
Watch the sunrise as we drink some tea
I want us to give each other
All of you and all of me

I can go on and on forever
About all the things that I desire
These thoughts that keep my breath held in
More ways to fuel the fire

But I rather not have expectations
Keep my indulgent feelings covert
Because at the end of this encounter
I’ll be left to bear the hurt