Society wasn’t built for our spirits
Not made to make us feel alive
It’s sole purpose is to use us dry
Our true human natures deprived

We weren’t born to live as slaves
To mundane work and meager wages
Suffocated by distilled air
Left slowly rotting in our cages

All these jobs of 9 to 5’s
Perpetuations of our misery
Everyday tedium of making means
Can’t you feel the fucking toxicity?

My god, wake up
This isn’t the life we’re supposed to live
Beyond these prison walls
The world has so much to give

I want to break free of these chains
But this enemy’s too vile of a warrior
He’ll tighten the shackles and add on the weights
And keep eating at your wounded interior

I want to break free of these chains
But honestly I don’t know how
I will keep fighting till my dying breath
At least this I can avow

So join me in this revolution
Take my hand and please hold tight
Our freedom lies beyond these walls
And don’t you dare lose sight


About Alia Sabino

A free-spirited soul always yearning for adventure and new experiences, she writes to make sense of the world she lives in. When given the choice, she always chooses love, whatever that choice may be.

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