I am a lot more fragile
Than I make myself to be
Like an eager child on the playground
With too many scrapes on her knees

I always carry band-aids around
Because I can be pretty clumsy
I walk about with no regard
Forgetting I bruise so easily

I was born quite the sensitive one
I feel things a little too much
Emotions teem and burst at the seams
My heavy heart I have to clutch

I can also be a bit naïve
I’ll believe everything you say
Looking for the best in people
Can sometimes lead me astray

I fall in love too quickly
As well as fall apart
It takes a while to pick up the pieces
When I end up with a broken heart

I’ve been left with burns and scars
From people that I’ve touched
The wounds heal slowly and the scabs still sting
But I try not to cringe so much

It’s exhausting to seem so strong
When I so easily break
Trusting people more than I should
Is often my fatal mistake

So I’m just trying to warn you
Just want to make you aware
If I’m truly what your heart desires
Please do handle me with care


About Alia Sabino

A free-spirited soul always yearning for adventure and new experiences, she writes to make sense of the world she lives in. When given the choice, she always chooses love, whatever that choice may be.

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