I can’t recreate the perfection you gave me
It was one of a kind in its own time
Now I’m left burdened with almost but never enough
Stuck chasing words that never seem to rhyme



Always keep one foot out the door
Because this was never bound to last
As it is with all of life’s erraticisms
This again too shall pass

Whether a taste of heaven or a taste of hell
Be it warm sunshine or blazing fire
Don’t fool your wide-eyed self into thinking
That you’ll be stuck within the mire


I want you to see me in a different light
I want you to feel me in the breeze of the night
But the ways of this world are star-crossed and ill-fated
Filled with misguided passions and words left unstated

But my hand still waits for yours to grasp
And my body still aches to feel your gasp
So maybe one day at the end of your hollow spree
You’ll wake up my darling, and it’ll be me you’ll see


Meet me in the middle of the hues of night
Where white turns to black and black turns to white
The beauty lies within the pigments of gray
With its triumphs, promises and all its dismay


You drifted soon enough
Leaving me to grasp at the air
Fragments of you I wanted to hold onto
Hopeful thoughts of a lingering affair

Although this was not our time
And maybe we’ll never get our chance
These interesting roads of ours
Have been more than mere circumstance

I believe we were fated somehow
To be in each other’s lives
Even if lurking around corners
Even if looking in from the outside

You’ve played a starring role in my art
And I’ve dreamt of being your muse
That despite all lustful temptations
I’ll be the one you’ll surely choose

But maybe your stories aren’t mine to hear
Maybe your past isn’t mine to hark
And honey I guess it was never my place
To give you light amidst your dark


Can’t start won’t start the work
It’s not even the last minute
I can barely even concentrate
My erratic, scattered mind’s the culprit

Fuck, no really
I need to start now
Just sit down and start studying
Ignore the distractions somehow

Wait have I cleaned my room yet?
There are dishes that need some washing
My laundry’s been piling up
Oh look, Netflix has a new season showing!

Oh shit, now I really have to study
Can’t deny the lurking loom
Or maybe I’ll just write a poem about it
How I can’t shake off this sense of doom

At least I’m thinking about studying
Intention is what matters right?
Goddamn it, it’s already past 12
Looks like I’m getting no sleep tonight