You drifted soon enough
Leaving me to grasp at the air
Fragments of you I wanted to hold onto
Hopeful thoughts of a lingering affair

Although this was not our time
And maybe we’ll never get our chance
These interesting roads of ours
Have been more than mere circumstance

I believe we were fated somehow
To be in each other’s lives
Even if lurking around corners
Even if looking in from the outside

You’ve played a starring role in my art
And I’ve dreamt of being your muse
That despite all lustful temptations
I’ll be the one you’ll surely choose

But maybe your stories aren’t mine to hear
Maybe your past isn’t mine to hark
And honey I guess it was never my place
To give you light amidst your dark


About Alia Sabino

A free-spirited soul always yearning for adventure and new experiences, she writes to make sense of the world she lives in. When given the choice, she always chooses love, whatever that choice may be.

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