You understand my quirks
My deepest insecurities
One of the few who can put up with
My annoying idiosyncrasies

You’re the person I confide in
To share the good and the bad
Life’s curveballs don’t seem so harsh
Since you’re always there to hold my hand

I feel comfortable telling you anything
I never get any judgment from you
Making me feel safe and cared for
Is what you always manage to do

We’ve gone through so damn much
And we’ve seen each other through the worst
You’re the constant X in my life
To you I always come running first

So stay with me through all the years
And never leave my side
I know our friendship was built to last
The trials and the tests of time



Can’t help but get a little attached
To the person you lost it to
Can’t help the sting you feel
When he wants nothing more to do with you

Just remember this is what you wanted
It’s a decision that you chose to make
And it’s okay to be a little sad
It’s okay for your heart to feel a little ache

But you knew what you were getting into
You understood what the arrangement was
So just take a deep breath and move on
Because it really isn’t worth the fuss

But it really is quite interesting
How resilient the heart can come to be
After quite a few heartbreaks here and there
The less becomes of its misery

So quit pouting and shrug it off
He was the first but isn’t your last
Attachment just leads to suffering
And emotions dissipate way too fast


A little more romance
A little more spark
The way I imagined
My first time in the dark

But love and lust
Are of two different themes
And with enough willingness
Can be separated it seems

I lost it to you
This abstract possession
And some might even say
Was quite the indiscretion

But it’s what I chose, it’s what I wanted
So far I have no regrets
I can only hope one day I find
Someone to make it worth the bet


Take a handful and pull my hair
Draw circles and caress my skin
Hold my arms against the bed
I want to feel you deep within

Kiss my neck and grip my thighs
As I dig my nails into your back
Take me places I’ve never been
And fill up spaces where I lack

Smooth and gentle or rough and hard
Feel the hairs on my body raise
We’ll keep going till our breaths falter
Till we lose our sense of time and place

Your searching hands move so eagerly
This touch of yours makes me gasp
I can’t help the tension in my body
As you explore parts of me you like to grasp

At the end of this all I ask of you
Is not to leave me wanting more
Oh baby make me feel sensations
In places I’ve never felt before


Do you like how my body feels against yours?
I can hear the thoughts racing through your brain
Your pulse is becoming a lot more shallow
A newfound rush you can’t contain

I can tell you’re getting quite restless
Baby I know how much you want to play
If you do the things I tell you to
Then maybe you might just get your way

No hold on, you can’t touch there
Put your hands where I can see
Be a good boy and I promise you
To some crazy things I might just agree

So darling just obey my wishes
Ask nicely and make sure to say please
Or you’ll just have to deal with the consequences
You know damn well I can be one big tease


You resonate in greedy groans
Baby I feel you nearing your brink
You can’t hold it in any longer
In this wave of pleasure let your body sink


Thrusts and sighs and moans and gasps
Pain and pleasure intertwined
Your hands and lips are on my skin
Moving me in worlds confined


Yet again I waited for you
Took the plunge and leap of faith
And yet again I’m left to grapple
With disappointment and cursed fate

It’s unfortunate that you’re so blind
Can’t you see what we can be?
The potential of what we have my love
Is teeming with intensity

Maybe we can relish in it’s painful longing
The almost there but yet so far
The beauty in tragedy we can agree on
Confessed masochists that we are

Are we destined to be parallel lines
Whose dots never can connect?
Because as crossed as our stars are made to be
Our lines just can’t seem to intersect


On the nearing eve of this night of darkness
I dedicate this poem to the monsters inside
To the demons we’re faced with everyday
That make us shiver, run and childishly hide

We all have skeletons in our closet
From coming out, depression, to overpowering insecurity
We all deal with our own forms of self-loathing
Unresolved pain and unwanted scrutiny

This life can be unkind and unfair
Sometimes it takes a lot more than it gives
Meeting people that would rather trick than treat you
Can make it rather hard to trust and forgive

We tremble and we shudder
But for strength you’ll never have to look too far
Look for the light inside you
And realize how truly strong you are


If I close my eyes long enough
It’s as if you never existed
Another premature occurrence
A fleeting flash gone by in instant

You used to be so sweet
Told me things I wanted to hear
But for a while I sensed your withholding
Bringing to the surface a sense of fear

You were an almost but not yet
Another what if and could have been
How I wish you could have been mine
But the wheels were just too quick to spin

How could you have said, “I love you”
Say the best you’ve finally found
Does that not hold ground anymore?
Were those words that easy to throw around?

Maybe you were just lonely
And the truth is I was lonely too
But for a while I was consumed
With hopeful thoughts and dreams of you

Sometimes I’m stricken by pain and regret
A pang of sadness for our stars that don’t align
But my darling, I’m reminded that it’s not possible
To lose something that was never truly mine