Your impending presence is at hand
The distance between us decreasing
Can’t wait to hear the stories you’ll tell
See the story of us unfolding

It’s been a such a long time coming my love
Since the night you caught my eye
Who knows what this world will make of us
Maybe we can even give it one good try?

But all this aside it doesn’t matter
How the story of us is written
I feel privileged to just have known you
I guess you can say I’m surely smitten

I feel it in the early autumn air
The goodness of life and its possibilities
That despite all the tragedies we’ll face
I’ll always have our own little infinity


About Alia Sabino

A free-spirited soul always yearning for adventure and new experiences, she writes to make sense of the world she lives in. When given the choice, she always chooses love, whatever that choice may be.

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