Do you wish to be my paramour?
I’ll love you secretly in shadows
With lights turned off and darkness dim
Within spaces blank and hollow

I’ll love you in clandestine corners
In words meaningless and void
Amidst forgotten promises
With emotions played and toyed

So come with me and be my paramour
We’ll lurk in love and lust
We’ll hide and sneak and skulk and creep
And talk in voices hushed



I’m transparent as glass
There’s no room for me to hide
All of me is out in the open
The map of me you’ll need no guide

You see everything on my face
Every laugh line, every solemn pout
Every gesture of mine tells a story
It’s as if I’m walking inside out

What I feel for you won’t be felt in secret
For of hiding my feelings I’m incapable
Sometimes it’s hard being the kind of person
Who lays out all her cards on the table


She sees the way he looks at her
Every subtle blink, every stolen glance
She sees the way he acts around her
The way she reels him in an unspoken dance

She sees the way he yearns for her
All the bated breaths, all the wishful sighs
She sees the way he feels around her
The longing in his eyes he just can’t deny

She wishes of nothing but to have his heart
As the jealousy achingly stirs
There’s nothing in this world she wants to be
Nothing in this world but her


See me, feel me, know me
I moaned in a drunken slur
Kiss me, touch me, love me
I said amidst the chaotic blur

Make me forget this emptiness
This chasm in my core
Fill me with your drunken love
Even if it means but nothing more

Claim me and make me yours
Even if just for the night
Say sweet words and lie to me
I don’t care for what is right


I’m in love with your brain
With the thoughts swirling in your head
Conspiracies, ruminations, skepticisms
All your questions left unsaid

There’s a hunger in your soul
An unquenchable thirst in your eyes
Palpable energy of restlessness
With no room for petty disguise

You are a product of impulse
You do whatever you desire
Without much regard for authority
Looking for ways to fuel the fire

You are a product of impulse
You do whatever it is you please
Left perpetually dissatisfied
Longings always unappeased


Come with me let’s chase the wind
We’ll run to the ends of the earth
Soak in the warm summer breeze
Live life for what it’s worth

We’ll catch the stars and fireflies
Watch them play in the palms of our hands
We’ll seize thunder by the bolts
See the lightning skies in dance

We’ll rage through rain in whirlwind storms
Look tornadoes in the eye
We’ll play hide and seek in hidden creeks
And watch forest fires go by

We’ll walk through deserts and blaze through blizzards
We’ll swim in ocean’s blue
Climb mountains, trees, my darling please
Chase the world just me and you


Touch me like you mean it
My ears are open to your lies
Kiss me in this boundless time
Filled with substance-induced magic and drug-induced highs

Keep me warm and hold me close
Feel how perfectly together our hands fit
Make sure to savor this moment my love
Like a bubble it’ll burst once sobriety hits

We’re nothing but nameless faces in endless crowds
Trying to make most of the night
Proving that youth isn’t wasted on us
We choose to numb our senses with blinding lights


I offer my body despite myself
But they never end up wanting more
And I’m always left twice as empty
Wishing for the way it was before


You said I love you
And I heard it go off
The countdown of the time bomb
The tick tock of the clock

I said I love you back
And I meant it with all my heart
And the moments that we’ll share together
Will be extraordinary and full of spark

But don’t be fooled by this happiness
This is only the beginning
Because in this game of life and love
Sometimes sadly there is no winning

These tender confessions that we make
This life of love that we intend
Marks the beginning of our time together
And also the beginning of our end

Because the moment we say I love you
Is a countdown to when we’ll fall apart
Nothing lasts forever my darling
And this I’ll tell you from the start


Kiss me when you can no longer contain
Happiness bursting at the seams
Kiss me when the loneliness lingers
Bubbling beneath the surface it teems

Kiss me when you feel overwhelmed
By the world’s greatness and it’s sheer beauty
Kiss me when the sadness takes over
When the world is glum and skies are dreary

Kiss me when your soul is frightened
Of the uncertainty that lies ahead
Kiss me every day and every night
While you tuck me in when I go to bed

Kiss me when words are not enough
So my lips may never have to wander
Kiss me through the danger of it all
Through the fires, storms, rain and thunder