Come with me let’s chase the wind
We’ll run to the ends of the earth
Soak in the warm summer breeze
Live life for what it’s worth

We’ll catch the stars and fireflies
Watch them play in the palms of our hands
We’ll seize thunder by the bolts
See the lightning skies in dance

We’ll rage through rain in whirlwind storms
Look tornadoes in the eye
We’ll play hide and seek in hidden creeks
And watch forest fires go by

We’ll walk through deserts and blaze through blizzards
We’ll swim in ocean’s blue
Climb mountains, trees, my darling please
Chase the world just me and you


About Alia Sabino

A free-spirited soul always yearning for adventure and new experiences, she writes to make sense of the world she lives in. When given the choice, she always chooses love, whatever that choice may be.

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