If I let my defenses down
Closed the curtains on the show
To get to know the real me
Tell me how far you’d go

Behind this eager smile and seeming innocence
Are wild crazed thoughts gone rampant
But if I told you I was a tragedy
Would you even wait for the worst to happen?



There’s this look that I crave for
A tenderness in your gaze
A desperation in your wanting
A lust that sets my soul ablaze

The way I see my future
When looking into your eyes
Watch the years unravel before us
All the dreams and adventures we’ll realize

The way we gaze at each other lazily
In between sheets on a Sunday morning
The look of vulnerability in the mirror
When I realize how fast I’m falling

I just want you to look at me
The way sailors do at sea
Realizing the beauty and infinity
Of what this life of ours could be


You told me it’ll be okay
That we can figure it out
We can work our way out of this mess
Find the waters outside this awful drought

I told you it’s too difficult
That we have too much at stake
It seems like the floor is crumbling quickly
With every single step we take

If we keep fighting with all we have
With all the strength that we can muster
Soon enough this love we share
Will lose all of its shine and luster

So I’m truly sorry to tell you my darling
That we can’t possibly fight this crusade
It’s time for you to finally realize
That our love’s nothing but a time-ticking grenade


What if you’re just waiting around the corner
Looking forward for me to take a turn
What if you’re just patiently waiting
For the day your name I’ll come to learn

What if all I’ve ever truly wanted
Is finally within my grasp
What if your tired hands are as cold as mine
Longing for my hands to clasp

What if you’re the one who can finally show me
A love that I’ve never felt
What if you’re the ace that I’ve been looking for
The ace I’ve been waiting to be dealt

What if it could be us my love
We can live a life we’ve always wanted
This could be the beginning of our adventure
Nothing’s stopping us from living a life enchanted


The lustful intentions of your touch
Make the hairs on my body rise
Oh baby there’s no denying
I can see the malice in your eyes


Here I go again
Do I ever fucking learn?
This hyperactive heart of mine
Is a cause for great concern

I wanted a break from all of this
But life seems to have other plans
Once again I’ve caught myself stuck
In a hopelessly enchanted trance

O stars, o sky, o moon shining bright
What am I supposed to do?
I can’t help but hope and long for
This great love that’s overdue

I’ll just pray for the best, expect the worst
Try to protect this fragile heart
But my god how wonderful would it be
If this meant a beautiful new start


Oh you silly silly girl
Why do you make it so easy for people to break your heart?
I keep telling you to hold back and spare yourself
But instead you always choose to fall apart

I tell you to not give too much too quickly
To expect less and nothing more
But your eagerness always gets the best of you
I always catch you waiting by the door

You never stop dreaming and hoping
Despite all the heartaches that unfurl
My god when will you ever learn
You silly silly girl


Tell me how to win your heart
Because I’m as clueless as can be
How many gods am I supposed to pray to?
How many oracles do I need to see?

Give me something to focus on
Because my days fill with unremitting thoughts of you
Dear god what kind of sweet slow torture
Have you deliberately chosen to put me through

I’ve pulled the strings, I’ve played the parts
Tried to fill in all the cracks
For heaven’s sake, save my wretched fate
And just fucking love me back


My words will enamor you
Reel you in with their rhyme
Enthralled by the consonants pulling you in
Feel the vowels make you more inclined

Come closer through my conjunctions
The commas are a coy invitation for more
I’ll stop myself on semicolons
Wait for you to do things that I adore

I’ll put your flatteries in quotation marks
Give them the recognition they deserve
The stutters you can barely muster
I’ll skillfully put into soulful words

See the ink splattered all over your hands
Feel how indelibly they’ve clung
You’ve been tantalized by the words from my mouth
Wanting to taste them on the tip of my tongue