How can you end something
That never really had a chance to start
How can you choose to bridge the distance
Of two people meant to be apart

How can you mourn for something
That was never truly real
How can I even begin to comprehend
All these conflictions that I feel

How can I say goodbye to you
Without a chance to ever say hello
How can we stand in this windowless room
Without the possibility of us to grow

How can I tell you that I love you
Without the security of your touch
How can this even begin to work
Without me asking for too much?



I’ve had enough of this dalliance
Of this one week love affair
The truth is I question all of it
What’s real, what’s not, what’s even really there

The truth is we’re just using each other
Or maybe I’m just using you
To compensate for the loneliness
To have a chance at feeling something new

Honestly it could have been anyone
I’m in love with the idea of who you are
There’s nothing that makes you special my dear
Nothing that truly sets you apart

You’re fleeting, replaceable
And you’ve made the mistake of falling for me
I’ll choose to tag and string you along
But you’ll be too blind to clearly see

That I am not the love of your life
And you were never meant to be mine
But till the truth becomes too blatant to us
We’ll choose to waste each other’s time


Feel the beat amidst your pulse
As you hear the crowds go insane
Feel the bass in the drop of the music
As the rush flows wildly through your veins


She was free
The earth was made for her to roam
She saw it in the orange of the sunsets
And felt it in the depth of her bones

She was free
Just like the tingle in the autumn air
She saw it in the mists over mountains
And felt it in the breeze in her hair

She belonged to no one, no one belonged to her
Her love was made for all the land
She lived her life as a captivating story
Crossing adventures off the back of her hand


Just like a moth drawn to a flame
I didn’t really have a choice in the matter
I followed senselessly into your trappings
Reeled myself into my own disaster

You know what words to utter, what buttons to press
Leaving me helpless and spellbound
If God can only hear my prayer
Heal my mind devoid of logic and sound

I choose to follow you into the fire
Knowing well that all I’ll do is burn
The heat will eat at my desperate heart
Consumed to the point of no return


I stare at the tarmac awaiting your departure
Holding back tears I’m trying to fight
Can’t imagine a greater form of torture
As I watch you leave in a plane taking flight


I wonder how long we can keep this up
How long we can make this last
Because as fast as some fires come to ignite
So as quickly do they come to pass

It seems that we’ve chosen to play a game
Consumed by our world of make-believe
I’ll be the girl and you’ll be the boy
As we offer up our hearts naïve

But to what extent can we play this game
Tell me how far can we go
You say you love me but the truth is my dear
The first thing about me you don’t even know


We’re hanging by a single thread
By the strength of our delusions
The what-if’s, maybe’s, can-we’s
Meant to cloud our comprehension

How can we even begin to think we can pull this off
Baby we never stood a chance
It’s you and me in a burning room
Dancing to John Mayer’s version of a slow dance

You can spin, dip and twirl me around
We can dance the night away
But my love there’s no denying
The beginning of our decay


For once in my life I want something real
A love that I can call my own
No more pretense or false fuckery
Or another relationship put on loan

Because all I’ve had are mockeries
That have grown to be so juvenile
These rushed hellos and forgotten goodbyes
Become harder and harder to reconcile


You’ve made me a relentless daydreamer
I’m constantly consumed by thoughts of you
Oh boy, what is this foolishness
That you’ve somehow managed to put me through

I was minding my own business
Trying to keep my life in line
Then you storm in with this unshakable force
Boldly captivating this heart of mine