Let my hand guide you through the crowd
Amidst this urban wonderland
Let the neon colors flood your being
With everything surreal and grand

Let’s take our chance in this fairytale
We’ll be as reckless as can be
We’ll run about hasty and heedless
In this wild, chaotic symphony

So kiss my lips, hold my hand
See the glimmer in my eye
One day I’ll look back on the time you loved me
Underneath the electric sky



Give me love in dark blood red
I’ll give you yellow sunshine smiles
The light brown gleam of your eyes
Makes me want to stay awhile

Hold my hand amidst an orange sunset
Explore with me through a forest green
Let’s lie under a light blue sky
With fluffy white clouds in between

Love me even when my soul turns black
I beg you not to look away
Promise to love me through the good and bad
Through all the colors that come our way


There’s a shade of fire I see in you
The same shade of fire in me
A color of flame that fiercely glows
That’s burning with intensity

We’ll warm each other up through winter nights
We’ll burn in summer ablaze
Keep each other alive through the dull and trite
Through all the humdrum haze


I’m tired of falling in love with places
I just want to find home in your arms
Because this ever-changing scenery
Is starting to lose some of its charms

Maybe my heart is looking for ways to settle
Instead of always longing for the thrill
Maybe in your love I can find adventure
Maybe my restlessness it can fulfill


Some people want to nest
While others want to fly
Some choose roots anchored down
While others head towards the sky

I was never meant to stay in one place
So come with me and the world we’ll see
Because all I’m really asking for
Is someone who wants to fly with me


Are you the one I’ve been looking for?
The one to lead me to the stars
Our destined fate to circumnavigate
Restless nomads that we are

We’ll meet in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge
Under the blaze of the summer sky
Amidst the bloom of the month of June
With eager hearts to satisfy

Give me your word and I’ll give you my wildness
The world’s ours in reckless abandon
There’s no denying the fire we have
Set alight by souls impassioned


She was free
The earth was made for her to roam
She saw it in the orange of the sunsets
And felt it in the depth of her bones

She was free
Just like the tingle in the autumn air
She saw it in the mists over mountains
And felt it in the breeze in her hair

She belonged to no one, no one belonged to her
Her love was made for all the land
She lived her life as a captivating story
Crossing adventures off the back of her hand


Come with me let’s chase the wind
We’ll run to the ends of the earth
Soak in the warm summer breeze
Live life for what it’s worth

We’ll catch the stars and fireflies
Watch them play in the palms of our hands
We’ll seize thunder by the bolts
See the lightning skies in dance

We’ll rage through rain in whirlwind storms
Look tornadoes in the eye
We’ll play hide and seek in hidden creeks
And watch forest fires go by

We’ll walk through deserts and blaze through blizzards
We’ll swim in ocean’s blue
Climb mountains, trees, my darling please
Chase the world just me and you