Rid me of this fantasy
Stop me from living a lie
This world of pretense I’ve come to adhere to
These realities I’ve come to deny

What we have isn’t real
It’s as empty as a hollow drum
This contrived world of feigned togetherness
Is starting to leave me empty and numb


If you’re getting tired of our love
No one is forcing you to stay
No hands are trying to hold you back
You’re free to walk away

But trust me our memories will haunt you
When you realize what you’ve forsaken
Oh my love, my darling you’ll come to know
That by me you’re surely taken


You told me it’ll be okay
That we can figure it out
We can work our way out of this mess
Find the waters outside this awful drought

I told you it’s too difficult
That we have too much at stake
It seems like the floor is crumbling quickly
With every single step we take

If we keep fighting with all we have
With all the strength that we can muster
Soon enough this love we share
Will lose all of its shine and luster

So I’m truly sorry to tell you my darling
That we can’t possibly fight this crusade
It’s time for you to finally realize
That our love’s nothing but a time-ticking grenade


You said I love you
And I heard it go off
The countdown of the time bomb
The tick tock of the clock

I said I love you back
And I meant it with all my heart
And the moments that we’ll share together
Will be extraordinary and full of spark

But don’t be fooled by this happiness
This is only the beginning
Because in this game of life and love
Sometimes sadly there is no winning

These tender confessions that we make
This life of love that we intend
Marks the beginning of our time together
And also the beginning of our end

Because the moment we say I love you
Is a countdown to when we’ll fall apart
Nothing lasts forever my darling
And this I’ll tell you from the start


I want you in my life
I long to wake up in your embrace
But trust me it won’t be long
Till we end up losing this race

Emotions are fleeting
They’re betraying and fickle
Like the Little Prince’s rose
Ephemeral and riddled

I tell you relationships falter
These feelings will come and go
Once we try to make it work
Your restlessness will grow

You want to be in my life you claim
That’s difficult to believe
From all the things you’ve said and done
Your faithfulness hard to conceive

It will all come to an end
The bitterness inevitable
We’ll have to go our separate ways
We’re fighting a losing battle

So friendship is what I can give to you
Better take it with a smile
Be kind, be true, be there for me
And make it worth my while

So I want you in my life
But I won’t wake up to your embrace
For when I say, “I love you”
Thus starts the countdown of our days


To me you are everything
Tenderness, longing, deepest desires of the heart
To me you are everything
Intensity, passion, conversations in the dark

But you’re purely an idea
Elusive and enigmatic
A creation romanticized
A secret kept in the attic

Beautiful things aren’t meant to be captured
And it should be kept that way
Because once reigned in
Thus begins their decay