I’m the earth and you’re the sun
I’ve always gravitated towards your shine
My world revolves around your axis
Your rhyme and reason, your space and time

No matter where I go or how fast I spin
All I ask is you put your faith in me
Because my love, my darling, I’m yours to have
Within all of these planets and galaxies


You’re a vortex that keeps pulling me in
The whirlwind within you keeping me banded
I keep getting caught in all of your spirals
Distraught in your ripples leaving me stranded


You’re a puzzle I’ve been trying to put together
But the pieces never seem to fit
You’re a riddle I’ve been wanting to answer
But it seems that I’ve lost all my wit

You’re a theory I’ve been dying to prove
But the data always gives me some doubt
You’re an equation I’ve been attempting to solve
But none of the formulas ever tend to work out

These mysteries of you keep me coming back
Despite how hard I try to start anew
Because no matter where I end up in life
I always find myself caught in the riddle of you


You smell of havoc
You wreak of sin
The scent of your darkness
Keeps luring me in

I’ll meet you in hell
Where we can both burn
Oh my dear sweet devil
For your vileness I yearn

Corrupt me, defile me
Show me your disdain
Seduce me into blackness
I want to feel the pain


In the territory of my heart
You chose to play the offense
My defensive strategies barely fared
In the wake of your persistence

You managed to win the game, steal my heart
Cut through my defense lines
Pass self-inflicted borders and self-esteem grenades
Survived crawling through explosive mines

But you turned against me in the heat of it all
Left me deserted and betrayed
Thought I was kissing the lips of an ally
When I was consorting with the renegade


You told me it’ll be okay
That we can figure it out
We can work our way out of this mess
Find the waters outside this awful drought

I told you it’s too difficult
That we have too much at stake
It seems like the floor is crumbling quickly
With every single step we take

If we keep fighting with all we have
With all the strength that we can muster
Soon enough this love we share
Will lose all of its shine and luster

So I’m truly sorry to tell you my darling
That we can’t possibly fight this crusade
It’s time for you to finally realize
That our love’s nothing but a time-ticking grenade


The lustful intentions of your touch
Make the hairs on my body rise
Oh baby there’s no denying
I can see the malice in your eyes


Tell me how to win your heart
Because I’m as clueless as can be
How many gods am I supposed to pray to?
How many oracles do I need to see?

Give me something to focus on
Because my days fill with unremitting thoughts of you
Dear god what kind of sweet slow torture
Have you deliberately chosen to put me through

I’ve pulled the strings, I’ve played the parts
Tried to fill in all the cracks
For heaven’s sake, save my wretched fate
And just fucking love me back


My words will enamor you
Reel you in with their rhyme
Enthralled by the consonants pulling you in
Feel the vowels make you more inclined

Come closer through my conjunctions
The commas are a coy invitation for more
I’ll stop myself on semicolons
Wait for you to do things that I adore

I’ll put your flatteries in quotation marks
Give them the recognition they deserve
The stutters you can barely muster
I’ll skillfully put into soulful words

See the ink splattered all over your hands
Feel how indelibly they’ve clung
You’ve been tantalized by the words from my mouth
Wanting to taste them on the tip of my tongue


Do you wish to be my paramour?
I’ll love you secretly in shadows
With lights turned off and darkness dim
Within spaces blank and hollow

I’ll love you in clandestine corners
In words meaningless and void
Amidst forgotten promises
With emotions played and toyed

So come with me and be my paramour
We’ll lurk in love and lust
We’ll hide and sneak and skulk and creep
And talk in voices hushed