Happy Mother’s Day
To all the moms out there
To those that have sacrificed so much
With all their tears and pain to bear

But sadly sometimes relationships can’t be fixed
And to this I don’t know what to say
Because all the damage has been done
There’s no reversing the decay

Because as much as we want to fix what we have
Sadly there is no turning back
There’s no repairing all the wasted years
There’s no filling the voids and cracks



A fire in the middle of winter
Snowflakes in the middle of spring
As improbable as having a one true love
As fleeting as the romance of a summer fling

Please change the workings of my mind
Pump new blood into my heart so jaded
Stop me from settling for cold and bitter
Save me from the lonely life that I’ve been slated


I’m starting to feel restless
This tedium is getting the best of me
The slow but sure torturous death
Of living in colorless monotony

The dullness is quite sickening
My soul is aching to be free
God I just want to feel something
Anything but this wretched apathy


Some people want to nest
While others want to fly
Some choose roots anchored down
While others head towards the sky

I was never meant to stay in one place
So come with me and the world we’ll see
Because all I’m really asking for
Is someone who wants to fly with me


There’s something extraordinary for me
It’s waiting just around the corner
The older I become and the wiser I get
The more I feel its presence getting closer

My restless soul and my eager heart
Will find it’s place in this world
The boldness that I bring to the table
Will surely not be left unheard

Can’t wait for the future and what it brings
And all that life will come to be
I be damned if I don’t end up living
A life amazing and extraordinary


You’re a puzzle I’ve been trying to put together
But the pieces never seem to fit
You’re a riddle I’ve been wanting to answer
But it seems that I’ve lost all my wit

You’re a theory I’ve been dying to prove
But the data always gives me some doubt
You’re an equation I’ve been attempting to solve
But none of the formulas ever tend to work out

These mysteries of you keep me coming back
Despite how hard I try to start anew
Because no matter where I end up in life
I always find myself caught in the riddle of you


I feel nothing
I’m barely even there
Reach your hand out into me
All you’ll grasp is empty air


On the nearing eve of this night of darkness
I dedicate this poem to the monsters inside
To the demons we’re faced with everyday
That make us shiver, run and childishly hide

We all have skeletons in our closet
From coming out, depression, to overpowering insecurity
We all deal with our own forms of self-loathing
Unresolved pain and unwanted scrutiny

This life can be unkind and unfair
Sometimes it takes a lot more than it gives
Meeting people that would rather trick than treat you
Can make it rather hard to trust and forgive

We tremble and we shudder
But for strength you’ll never have to look too far
Look for the light inside you
And realize how truly strong you are


Never fully out of the woods
Always within harm’s grasp
Hungry shadows lurk in corners
Waiting for weary souls to clasp

Is the meadow somewhere near here?
Is the clearing at arm’s reach?
I’ve gone tired of restlessly searching
For this solace I beseech

All I can ask for is a little bit of light
But the trees are far too dense
In this damned life of discontent
Do things ever start to make sense?

The shade is far too suffocating
The cruel cold is seeping in
I long for times of innocence
To feel the sunlight on my skin

The nights go by in stifled screams
But still I try to see the good
And when this world chooses to prove me right
Is the day I’ll finally be out be out of the woods


Always keep one foot out the door
Because this was never bound to last
As it is with all of life’s erraticisms
This again too shall pass

Whether a taste of heaven or a taste of hell
Be it warm sunshine or blazing fire
Don’t fool your wide-eyed self into thinking
That you’ll be stuck within the mire