One touch, one kiss is all I need
To bring this love to life
Let me feel the yearning in your skin
See the hunger in your eyes

I need to know that I’m all you want
That I’ll be all you’ll need
Because I want you, I want it all
Love, lust and all it’s greed

So come find me in the sky tonight
We’ll meet amongst the stars
I’ll softly kiss your longing lips
To the beating of our hearts


There’s this look that I crave for
A tenderness in your gaze
A desperation in your wanting
A lust that sets my soul ablaze

The way I see my future
When looking into your eyes
Watch the years unravel before us
All the dreams and adventures we’ll realize

The way we gaze at each other lazily
In between sheets on a Sunday morning
The look of vulnerability in the mirror
When I realize how fast I’m falling

I just want you to look at me
The way sailors do at sea
Realizing the beauty and infinity
Of what this life of ours could be


What if you’re just waiting around the corner
Looking forward for me to take a turn
What if you’re just patiently waiting
For the day your name I’ll come to learn

What if all I’ve ever truly wanted
Is finally within my grasp
What if your tired hands are as cold as mine
Longing for my hands to clasp

What if you’re the one who can finally show me
A love that I’ve never felt
What if you’re the ace that I’ve been looking for
The ace I’ve been waiting to be dealt

What if it could be us my love
We can live a life we’ve always wanted
This could be the beginning of our adventure
Nothing’s stopping us from living a life enchanted


Here I go again
Do I ever fucking learn?
This hyperactive heart of mine
Is a cause for great concern

I wanted a break from all of this
But life seems to have other plans
Once again I’ve caught myself stuck
In a hopelessly enchanted trance

O stars, o sky, o moon shining bright
What am I supposed to do?
I can’t help but hope and long for
This great love that’s overdue

I’ll just pray for the best, expect the worst
Try to protect this fragile heart
But my god how wonderful would it be
If this meant a beautiful new start


Tell me how to win your heart
Because I’m as clueless as can be
How many gods am I supposed to pray to?
How many oracles do I need to see?

Give me something to focus on
Because my days fill with unremitting thoughts of you
Dear god what kind of sweet slow torture
Have you deliberately chosen to put me through

I’ve pulled the strings, I’ve played the parts
Tried to fill in all the cracks
For heaven’s sake, save my wretched fate
And just fucking love me back


She sees the way he looks at her
Every subtle blink, every stolen glance
She sees the way he acts around her
The way she reels him in an unspoken dance

She sees the way he yearns for her
All the bated breaths, all the wishful sighs
She sees the way he feels around her
The longing in his eyes he just can’t deny

She wishes of nothing but to have his heart
As the jealousy achingly stirs
There’s nothing in this world she wants to be
Nothing in this world but her


See me, feel me, know me
I moaned in a drunken slur
Kiss me, touch me, love me
I said amidst the chaotic blur

Make me forget this emptiness
This chasm in my core
Fill me with your drunken love
Even if it means but nothing more

Claim me and make me yours
Even if just for the night
Say sweet words and lie to me
I don’t care for what is right


Touch me like you mean it
My ears are open to your lies
Kiss me in this boundless time
Filled with substance-induced magic and drug-induced highs

Keep me warm and hold me close
Feel how perfectly together our hands fit
Make sure to savor this moment my love
Like a bubble it’ll burst once sobriety hits

We’re nothing but nameless faces in endless crowds
Trying to make most of the night
Proving that youth isn’t wasted on us
We choose to numb our senses with blinding lights


Kiss me when you can no longer contain
Happiness bursting at the seams
Kiss me when the loneliness lingers
Bubbling beneath the surface it teems

Kiss me when you feel overwhelmed
By the world’s greatness and it’s sheer beauty
Kiss me when the sadness takes over
When the world is glum and skies are dreary

Kiss me when your soul is frightened
Of the uncertainty that lies ahead
Kiss me every day and every night
While you tuck me in when I go to bed

Kiss me when words are not enough
So my lips may never have to wander
Kiss me through the danger of it all
Through the fires, storms, rain and thunder


Find a way to keep me safe
Save the sunlight in my eyes
The world’s too dreary of a place
An undoer of hope in full disguise

Keep pushing me to further heights
Show me places I’ve never seen
Love me with all your heart and soul
You can never be too keen

Is this too much to ask for?
Am I reaching for the stars?
Are you the joker or the king of hearts
If I choose to bet on cards

See through this bizarre life with me
We’ll make our own wild crazy path
And for you to hold my hand my love
Is all that I can ever truly ask