This one is the last of it
The last of my mourning woes
About another potential love gone awry
About a story brought to a sudden close

All these heartbreaks keep on coming
So much that I can barely catch my breath
And I’m hanging on by my last thread
Of my waning patience put to the test

But there’s not much that I can do
There’s nothing left for me to say
I’ve expressed all that I possibly can
While writing this in a café

So calm your heart and close your eyes
And choose to gracefully let it go
Try to recover from all these fallen loves
Despite the healing slow

Because time will eventually heal all wounds
I know it’s a cliché
The sun will come out whether you like it or not
And tomorrow’s another day



If you don’t want me then just say it
There’s no need for civility
Just cut the chord and cut the crap
Just give me the finality

Because there’s no need to have it linger
No need to have it go on
Free my heart from it’s hopeful beating
Let me know you’re truly gone


They say to fight for what you want
No matter what the cost
And this I always tend to do
Despite all that could be lost

But now I’ve come to realize
Why should I put everything at stake
Because when I fight for something all I’m fighting for
Is another chance for my heart to break


Happy Mother’s Day
To all the moms out there
To those that have sacrificed so much
With all their tears and pain to bear

But sadly sometimes relationships can’t be fixed
And to this I don’t know what to say
Because all the damage has been done
There’s no reversing the decay

Because as much as we want to fix what we have
Sadly there is no turning back
There’s no repairing all the wasted years
There’s no filling the voids and cracks


Just give me a moment to grieve
Just give me a second to mourn
To put the pieces back together
Of my heart so desperately forlorn

Because I can only take so much
Of these empty glimpses of hope
So give me a minute to lament
Just give me a second to mope

But I promise you I’ll be back on my feet
That I will someday be okay
The sun will come shining brightly soon
Amidst all these clouds of gray


Pieces missing, I come to you broken
Somehow expecting a quick fix
That somehow you’ll know exactly what to do
That your mere presence will do the trick

But I realize my battles are mine to fight
And my emptiness mine to fill
But if I show up crying on your doorstep
Please hold my hand to help the world go still


How can you end something
That never really had a chance to start
How can you choose to bridge the distance
Of two people meant to be apart

How can you mourn for something
That was never truly real
How can I even begin to comprehend
All these conflictions that I feel

How can I say goodbye to you
Without a chance to ever say hello
How can we stand in this windowless room
Without the possibility of us to grow

How can I tell you that I love you
Without the security of your touch
How can this even begin to work
Without me asking for too much?


We’re hanging by a single thread
By the strength of our delusions
The what-if’s, maybe’s, can-we’s
Meant to cloud our comprehension

How can we even begin to think we can pull this off
Baby we never stood a chance
It’s you and me in a burning room
Dancing to John Mayer’s version of a slow dance

You can spin, dip and twirl me around
We can dance the night away
But my love there’s no denying
The beginning of our decay


If you’re getting tired of our love
No one is forcing you to stay
No hands are trying to hold you back
You’re free to walk away

But trust me our memories will haunt you
When you realize what you’ve forsaken
Oh my love, my darling you’ll come to know
That by me you’re surely taken


In the territory of my heart
You chose to play the offense
My defensive strategies barely fared
In the wake of your persistence

You managed to win the game, steal my heart
Cut through my defense lines
Pass self-inflicted borders and self-esteem grenades
Survived crawling through explosive mines

But you turned against me in the heat of it all
Left me deserted and betrayed
Thought I was kissing the lips of an ally
When I was consorting with the renegade