If you’re getting tired of our love
No one is forcing you to stay
No hands are trying to hold you back
You’re free to walk away

But trust me our memories will haunt you
When you realize what you’ve forsaken
Oh my love, my darling you’ll come to know
That by me you’re surely taken


In the territory of my heart
You chose to play the offense
My defensive strategies barely fared
In the wake of your persistence

You managed to win the game, steal my heart
Cut through my defense lines
Pass self-inflicted borders and self-esteem grenades
Survived crawling through explosive mines

But you turned against me in the heat of it all
Left me deserted and betrayed
Thought I was kissing the lips of an ally
When I was consorting with the renegade


I offer my body despite myself
But they never end up wanting more
And I’m always left twice as empty
Wishing for the way it was before


I was honestly quite nervous
To finally see you after seven long years
Would we crack jokes resonating in laughter
Or will we find ourselves reminiscing in tears?

I don’t know what I was hoping for
Maybe for us to still have some spark
But you seemed to have moved on completely
While parts of me still linger in the dark

I did enjoy hearing what you’ve been up to
It seems you have your life figured out
And the greatness of what you’ll achieve in this world
Is something I’ve never even begun to doubt

It was really nice to hear your laugh again
But to be honest it made me quite sad
Out of nowhere I was overpowered with a sense of loss
For the chance I feel we never really had

But still the beauty and innocence of our young love
To me will always hold so much ground
A rarity in this often dreary world
A gem that we w ere lucky enough to have found

Although maybe this encounter meant a lot less to you
Than it overwhelmingly did to me
What you gave me is still the closest thing to perfection
That I have ever been blessed to see

There’s some part of you I desperately held onto
This vague idea of possibility
That maybe one day it could still be us
That somehow we were still meant to be

But maybe seeing you is something I needed
To finally put closure to what was us
And I can only pray to have another chance
Of experiencing the greatness of this kind of love

So be well my love, take care
I wish you all the best
And as I’ve said a million times before
You deserve all of this life’s happiness


I feel nothing
I’m barely even there
Reach your hand out into me
All you’ll grasp is empty air


If I close my eyes long enough
It’s as if you never existed
Another premature occurrence
A fleeting flash gone by in instant

You used to be so sweet
Told me things I wanted to hear
But for a while I sensed your withholding
Bringing to the surface a sense of fear

You were an almost but not yet
Another what if and could have been
How I wish you could have been mine
But the wheels were just too quick to spin

How could you have said, “I love you”
Say the best you’ve finally found
Does that not hold ground anymore?
Were those words that easy to throw around?

Maybe you were just lonely
And the truth is I was lonely too
But for a while I was consumed
With hopeful thoughts and dreams of you

Sometimes I’m stricken by pain and regret
A pang of sadness for our stars that don’t align
But my darling, I’m reminded that it’s not possible
To lose something that was never truly mine


You drifted soon enough
Leaving me to grasp at the air
Fragments of you I wanted to hold onto
Hopeful thoughts of a lingering affair

Although this was not our time
And maybe we’ll never get our chance
These interesting roads of ours
Have been more than mere circumstance

I believe we were fated somehow
To be in each other’s lives
Even if lurking around corners
Even if looking in from the outside

You’ve played a starring role in my art
And I’ve dreamt of being your muse
That despite all lustful temptations
I’ll be the one you’ll surely choose

But maybe your stories aren’t mine to hear
Maybe your past isn’t mine to hark
And honey I guess it was never my place
To give you light amidst your dark


Sitting in the darkness
With loneliness, my old friend
He says, “Child, stop your crying.”
I say, “Don’t you condescend.”

Too many moments of solitude
The desolation starts to linger
More and more people slip away
Like sand falling through my fingers

I try to stop the slipping
Catch every bit of grain
But just like longing for lost love
This act I do in vain

“So loneliness,” I tell him
“At least you’re here to stay.”
He smiles and say, “Don’t worry child.”
“I’ll always have my way.”


I want to hold your hand
Tell you everything will be okay
But with pain this enormous
What do I even say?

I can give you all the cliches in the world
Tell you everything will get better
But what good is finding a leak in the roof
And trying to cover it with paper

The agony you feel is warranted
Don’t try to hold back the tears
Just let them fall and let them run
No need for composed veneers

You might be asking, “Why this?”
Why did this have to happen?
This cruel world can be unfair
Forsaken and abandoned

My thoughts are with you Dario
I hope you know this by now
With all your dark and stormy clouds
Please find the silver lining somehow