I don’t think I can take another hit
I don’t think I can handle another blow
I don’t know how much more torture
My beaten heart can undergo

Are you fucking kidding me?
Don’t you think I’ve been through enough
You know how much that I have suffered
Behind my exterior so tough

Just give me a fucking break
Give my heart a little rest
I’m so tired of having to let go of the pain
And keep clutching at my aching chest

What the hell do you want from me
Are you trying to take it all?
Because no matter how many times that I get up
You always make sure I suffer another fall



Can you find it in your heart to fall in love with me
What can I do to make you stay
How should I act to make you want me
To which gods do I need to pray

Why can’t you choose me over everyone else
Why can’t you pick me from the crowd
Can’t you hear the agony in my yearning voice
In the desires I’ve expressed aloud

I give up, I quit, I surrender
My hands are high up in the air
So I’ll just be waiting for the day you’ll tell me
That you have some love for me to spare


I choose to love you in silence
But my heart aches to make a sound
To let its beats be heard by you
To bring back the cries it’s drowned

But once you hear my heartbeat’s thump
Will it give you a reason to stay?
Or will you ignore its desperate batter
Until it slowly fades away


I always mistake lust for love
I always misread the signs
Always too engaged or too enthusiastic
Always the first to blur the lines

Always the one to give in to emotions
Always the first to talk and confess
Always the one who invests too quickly
Basically I’m one big fucking mess


The night was young when I met you
The sun was barely setting in
You gave me a smile I couldn’t resist
Sending my naive heart into a tailspin

But before the hour struck midnight
You where nowhere to be found
And as I reached for you in the darkness my love
I felt myself fall through hollow ground


This one is the last of it
The last of my mourning woes
About another potential love gone awry
About a story brought to a sudden close

All these heartbreaks keep on coming
So much that I can barely catch my breath
And I’m hanging on by my last thread
Of my waning patience put to the test

But there’s not much that I can do
There’s nothing left for me to say
I’ve expressed all that I possibly can
While writing this in a café

So calm your heart and close your eyes
And choose to gracefully let it go
Try to recover from all these fallen loves
Despite the healing slow

Because time will eventually heal all wounds
I know it’s a clichĂ©
The sun will come out whether you like it or not
And tomorrow’s another day


If you don’t want me then just say it
There’s no need for civility
Just cut the chord and cut the crap
Just give me the finality

Because there’s no need to have it linger
No need to have it go on
Free my heart from it’s hopeful beating
Let me know you’re truly gone


I loved you in a summer haze
Amidst blue waters and glinting shores
In the warmth of bonfires on the beach
In the gooeyness of toasted smores

I loved you in a summer haze
Alive in a world of play
Listening to the music and dancing to the beat
Where it felt like nothing could go astray

I loved you in a summer haze
In the middle of a fantasy
But as the sun set and the winds got colder
I snapped back to my reality

So my love I let you set with the sun
And just waited for another season
But if I could’ve found a way to make you stay
I would have given you all the reasons

But our love only lasts in the warmth of sunshine
It doesn’t hold power in storms of rain
And as much as I wanted to ask you to stay
There are things I know that just can’t remain


Let my hand guide you through the crowd
Amidst this urban wonderland
Let the neon colors flood your being
With everything surreal and grand

Let’s take our chance in this fairytale
We’ll be as reckless as can be
We’ll run about hasty and heedless
In this wild, chaotic symphony

So kiss my lips, hold my hand
See the glimmer in my eye
One day I’ll look back on the time you loved me
Underneath the electric sky


They say to fight for what you want
No matter what the cost
And this I always tend to do
Despite all that could be lost

But now I’ve come to realize
Why should I put everything at stake
Because when I fight for something all I’m fighting for
Is another chance for my heart to break