I’m hopelessly drawn to you
In ways I can neither explain nor define
You are my life’s irresistible brazen force
My inebriating sip of wine

You touch me in places that are hidden deep
Places that no one has ever seen
You’re the relentless rush pulsing through my veins
My own addicting black caffeine


I’m the earth and you’re the sun
I’ve always gravitated towards your shine
My world revolves around your axis
Your rhyme and reason, your space and time

No matter where I go or how fast I spin
All I ask is you put your faith in me
Because my love, my darling, I’m yours to have
Within all of these planets and galaxies


You’re a vortex that keeps pulling me in
The whirlwind within you keeping me banded
I keep getting caught in all of your spirals
Distraught in your ripples leaving me stranded


You’re a puzzle I’ve been trying to put together
But the pieces never seem to fit
You’re a riddle I’ve been wanting to answer
But it seems that I’ve lost all my wit

You’re a theory I’ve been dying to prove
But the data always gives me some doubt
You’re an equation I’ve been attempting to solve
But none of the formulas ever tend to work out

These mysteries of you keep me coming back
Despite how hard I try to start anew
Because no matter where I end up in life
I always find myself caught in the riddle of you


My words will enamor you
Reel you in with their rhyme
Enthralled by the consonants pulling you in
Feel the vowels make you more inclined

Come closer through my conjunctions
The commas are a coy invitation for more
I’ll stop myself on semicolons
Wait for you to do things that I adore

I’ll put your flatteries in quotation marks
Give them the recognition they deserve
The stutters you can barely muster
I’ll skillfully put into soulful words

See the ink splattered all over your hands
Feel how indelibly they’ve clung
You’ve been tantalized by the words from my mouth
Wanting to taste them on the tip of my tongue


Touch me like you mean it
My ears are open to your lies
Kiss me in this boundless time
Filled with substance-induced magic and drug-induced highs

Keep me warm and hold me close
Feel how perfectly together our hands fit
Make sure to savor this moment my love
Like a bubble it’ll burst once sobriety hits

We’re nothing but nameless faces in endless crowds
Trying to make most of the night
Proving that youth isn’t wasted on us
We choose to numb our senses with blinding lights


Can’t start won’t start the work
It’s not even the last minute
I can barely even concentrate
My erratic, scattered mind’s the culprit

Fuck, no really
I need to start now
Just sit down and start studying
Ignore the distractions somehow

Wait have I cleaned my room yet?
There are dishes that need some washing
My laundry’s been piling up
Oh look, Netflix has a new season showing!

Oh shit, now I really have to study
Can’t deny the lurking loom
Or maybe I’ll just write a poem about it
How I can’t shake off this sense of doom

At least I’m thinking about studying
Intention is what matters right?
Goddamn it, it’s already past 12
Looks like I’m getting no sleep tonight


Such a myriad of choices
My brain’s starting to ache
How many brands of cereal
Do you really need to make

Walking through the aisles
I’m getting visions of The Shining
Stacks and stacks of endless goods
Can feel rather confining

A surplus of commodities
An excess in consumerism
Obscene amounts being put to waste
Another means to fill the tedium

All I want is to get to the counter
Please just check me the hell out
Can this line go any slower
I’m starting to have an anxious bout


O captain, my captain
O where have you gone
The life you’ve forsaken
Has seen it’s last dawn

The laughs you created
Ways to hide away your pain
The pain so deeply gnawing
Relief you found in vain

I’m sorry no one was there to help
No one to cry by your side
The last of what you death with
Too much to bear the tide

But fret I must not
I take peace in what you’ve given me
“Seize the day boys,” you said
Make your lives extraordinary!