There’s something extraordinary for me
It’s waiting just around the corner
The older I become and the wiser I get
The more I feel its presence getting closer

My restless soul and my eager heart
Will find it’s place in this world
The boldness that I bring to the table
Will surely not be left unheard

Can’t wait for the future and what it brings
And all that life will come to be
I be damned if I don’t end up living
A life amazing and extraordinary


If I let my defenses down
Closed the curtains on the show
To get to know the real me
Tell me how far you’d go

Behind this eager smile and seeming innocence
Are wild crazed thoughts gone rampant
But if I told you I was a tragedy
Would you even wait for the worst to happen?


Oh you silly silly girl
Why do you make it so easy for people to break your heart?
I keep telling you to hold back and spare yourself
But instead you always choose to fall apart

I tell you to not give too much too quickly
To expect less and nothing more
But your eagerness always gets the best of you
I always catch you waiting by the door

You never stop dreaming and hoping
Despite all the heartaches that unfurl
My god when will you ever learn
You silly silly girl


My words will enamor you
Reel you in with their rhyme
Enthralled by the consonants pulling you in
Feel the vowels make you more inclined

Come closer through my conjunctions
The commas are a coy invitation for more
I’ll stop myself on semicolons
Wait for you to do things that I adore

I’ll put your flatteries in quotation marks
Give them the recognition they deserve
The stutters you can barely muster
I’ll skillfully put into soulful words

See the ink splattered all over your hands
Feel how indelibly they’ve clung
You’ve been tantalized by the words from my mouth
Wanting to taste them on the tip of my tongue


I’m transparent as glass
There’s no room for me to hide
All of me is out in the open
The map of me you’ll need no guide

You see everything on my face
Every laugh line, every solemn pout
Every gesture of mine tells a story
It’s as if I’m walking inside out

What I feel for you won’t be felt in secret
For of hiding my feelings I’m incapable
Sometimes it’s hard being the kind of person
Who lays out all her cards on the table


One year till my quarter life crisis
If I live to be a hundred years old
No use in feeling inferior or insecure
When instead we can choose to be fearless and bold

Friends and family are my backbone
They keep me grounded and sane
Boys brought me nothing but trouble
They can be so foolish and inane

But I’m thankful for all my experiences
And I pray to have even more
Learning and loving never stops
In this unpredictable life of open doors

So I’ll stay motivated and hungry
Keep my awestruck eyes in wonder
For clear skies make for easy sailing
But nothing gives you chills like thunder


I am a lot more fragile
Than I make myself to be
Like an eager child on the playground
With too many scrapes on her knees

I always carry band-aids around
Because I can be pretty clumsy
I walk about with no regard
Forgetting I bruise so easily

I was born quite the sensitive one
I feel things a little too much
Emotions teem and burst at the seams
My heavy heart I have to clutch

I can also be a bit naïve
I’ll believe everything you say
Looking for the best in people
Can sometimes lead me astray

I fall in love too quickly
As well as fall apart
It takes a while to pick up the pieces
When I end up with a broken heart

I’ve been left with burns and scars
From people that I’ve touched
The wounds heal slowly and the scabs still sting
But I try not to cringe so much

It’s exhausting to seem so strong
When I so easily break
Trusting people more than I should
Is often my fatal mistake

So I’m just trying to warn you
Just want to make you aware
If I’m truly what your heart desires
Please do handle me with care