Welcome to the city with food so divine
We’ll wait in the cold no matter how long the line
Oh deep dish pizza, you were one big tease
At least we got our fix from the great Lou Malnati’s

The Girl and the Goat, my oh my
I ended the meal with a satisfied sigh
Au Cheval’s burgers, some of the nation’s best
We both left the restaurant quite impressed

Riveting museums and endless exhibitions
Getting nauseous on the Skydeck so high
While looking down the 113 floors
I literally felt like I was going to die

But now that it’s over, it’s back to reality
I’m leaving the city with one big smile
With wonderful memories to hold onto
Oh Chitown, you were surely worth my while


Snow, Christmas markets
Sausages and beer
How great to be in Berlin
Around this time of the year

The roads are open and wide
The city boundless and vast
Nostalgia-ridden strolls along the wall
That once divided the east and west

The architecture is magnificent
Filled with ornate, awe-inspiring features
Let me annoy these tourists
Ask them to take another picture

Christmas night was beautiful
Chilly night strolling along the river
I felt as if I was starring in a movie
The leading lady in my own Linklater feature

This trip has been absolutely wonderful
With the company of great friends
But as much as I desire an endless vacation
At some point all good things come to an end