The night was young when I met you
The sun was barely setting in
You gave me a smile I couldn’t resist
Sending my naive heart into a tailspin

But before the hour struck midnight
You where nowhere to be found
And as I reached for you in the darkness my love
I felt myself fall through hollow ground



If you don’t want me then just say it
There’s no need for civility
Just cut the chord and cut the crap
Just give me the finality

Because there’s no need to have it linger
No need to have it go on
Free my heart from it’s hopeful beating
Let me know you’re truly gone


I loved you in a summer haze
Amidst blue waters and glinting shores
In the warmth of bonfires on the beach
In the gooeyness of toasted smores

I loved you in a summer haze
Alive in a world of play
Listening to the music and dancing to the beat
Where it felt like nothing could go astray

I loved you in a summer haze
In the middle of a fantasy
But as the sun set and the winds got colder
I snapped back to my reality

So my love I let you set with the sun
And just waited for another season
But if I could’ve found a way to make you stay
I would have given you all the reasons

But our love only lasts in the warmth of sunshine
It doesn’t hold power in storms of rain
And as much as I wanted to ask you to stay
There are things I know that just can’t remain


Happy Mother’s Day
To all the moms out there
To those that have sacrificed so much
With all their tears and pain to bear

But sadly sometimes relationships can’t be fixed
And to this I don’t know what to say
Because all the damage has been done
There’s no reversing the decay

Because as much as we want to fix what we have
Sadly there is no turning back
There’s no repairing all the wasted years
There’s no filling the voids and cracks


Just give me a moment to grieve
Just give me a second to mourn
To put the pieces back together
Of my heart so desperately forlorn

Because I can only take so much
Of these empty glimpses of hope
So give me a minute to lament
Just give me a second to mope

But I promise you I’ll be back on my feet
That I will someday be okay
The sun will come shining brightly soon
Amidst all these clouds of gray


I see who you can come to be
But not acquainted with who you are
The things you can potentially amount to
So much more than this subpar

I fooled myself all this time
Reality became inconsequential
Because I was never truly in love with you
But I was in love with your potential


The agony of uncertainty
Has taken hold of my daily life
Torn between thoughts of tenderness
And feelings of constant strife

Of what we are to each other
And what we can come to be
Am I holding my breath for nothing?
Have I blinded myself to clearly see

That the end is on the horizon
The decay of the unforeseen
And when the rain comes down and it starts flooding
The rain and tears will wash us clean


How can you end something
That never really had a chance to start
How can you choose to bridge the distance
Of two people meant to be apart

How can you mourn for something
That was never truly real
How can I even begin to comprehend
All these conflictions that I feel

How can I say goodbye to you
Without a chance to ever say hello
How can we stand in this windowless room
Without the possibility of us to grow

How can I tell you that I love you
Without the security of your touch
How can this even begin to work
Without me asking for too much?


I’ve had enough of this dalliance
Of this one week love affair
The truth is I question all of it
What’s real, what’s not, what’s even really there

The truth is we’re just using each other
Or maybe I’m just using you
To compensate for the loneliness
To have a chance at feeling something new

Honestly it could have been anyone
I’m in love with the idea of who you are
There’s nothing that makes you special my dear
Nothing that truly sets you apart

You’re fleeting, replaceable
And you’ve made the mistake of falling for me
I’ll choose to tag and string you along
But you’ll be too blind to clearly see

That I am not the love of your life
And you were never meant to be mine
But till the truth becomes too blatant to us
We’ll choose to waste each other’s time


I wonder how long we can keep this up
How long we can make this last
Because as fast as some fires come to ignite
So as quickly do they come to pass

It seems that we’ve chosen to play a game
Consumed by our world of make-believe
I’ll be the girl and you’ll be the boy
As we offer up our hearts naïve

But to what extent can we play this game
Tell me how far can we go
You say you love me but the truth is my dear
The first thing about me you don’t even know