One touch, one kiss is all I need
To bring this love to life
Let me feel the yearning in your skin
See the hunger in your eyes

I need to know that I’m all you want
That I’ll be all you’ll need
Because I want you, I want it all
Love, lust and all it’s greed

So come find me in the sky tonight
We’ll meet amongst the stars
I’ll softly kiss your longing lips
To the beating of our hearts


There’s this look that I crave for
A tenderness in your gaze
A desperation in your wanting
A lust that sets my soul ablaze

The way I see my future
When looking into your eyes
Watch the years unravel before us
All the dreams and adventures we’ll realize

The way we gaze at each other lazily
In between sheets on a Sunday morning
The look of vulnerability in the mirror
When I realize how fast I’m falling

I just want you to look at me
The way sailors do at sea
Realizing the beauty and infinity
Of what this life of ours could be


What if you’re just waiting around the corner
Looking forward for me to take a turn
What if you’re just patiently waiting
For the day your name I’ll come to learn

What if all I’ve ever truly wanted
Is finally within my grasp
What if your tired hands are as cold as mine
Longing for my hands to clasp

What if you’re the one who can finally show me
A love that I’ve never felt
What if you’re the ace that I’ve been looking for
The ace I’ve been waiting to be dealt

What if it could be us my love
We can live a life we’ve always wanted
This could be the beginning of our adventure
Nothing’s stopping us from living a life enchanted


Here I go again
Do I ever fucking learn?
This hyperactive heart of mine
Is a cause for great concern

I wanted a break from all of this
But life seems to have other plans
Once again I’ve caught myself stuck
In a hopelessly enchanted trance

O stars, o sky, o moon shining bright
What am I supposed to do?
I can’t help but hope and long for
This great love that’s overdue

I’ll just pray for the best, expect the worst
Try to protect this fragile heart
But my god how wonderful would it be
If this meant a beautiful new start


Tell me how to win your heart
Because I’m as clueless as can be
How many gods am I supposed to pray to?
How many oracles do I need to see?

Give me something to focus on
Because my days fill with unremitting thoughts of you
Dear god what kind of sweet slow torture
Have you deliberately chosen to put me through

I’ve pulled the strings, I’ve played the parts
Tried to fill in all the cracks
For heaven’s sake, save my wretched fate
And just fucking love me back


She sees the way he looks at her
Every subtle blink, every stolen glance
She sees the way he acts around her
The way she reels him in an unspoken dance

She sees the way he yearns for her
All the bated breaths, all the wishful sighs
She sees the way he feels around her
The longing in his eyes he just can’t deny

She wishes of nothing but to have his heart
As the jealousy achingly stirs
There’s nothing in this world she wants to be
Nothing in this world but her


See me, feel me, know me
I moaned in a drunken slur
Kiss me, touch me, love me
I said amidst the chaotic blur

Make me forget this emptiness
This chasm in my core
Fill me with your drunken love
Even if it means but nothing more

Claim me and make me yours
Even if just for the night
Say sweet words and lie to me
I don’t care for what is right


I’m in love with your brain
With the thoughts swirling in your head
Conspiracies, ruminations, skepticisms
All your questions left unsaid

There’s a hunger in your soul
An unquenchable thirst in your eyes
Palpable energy of restlessness
With no room for petty disguise

You are a product of impulse
You do whatever you desire
Without much regard for authority
Looking for ways to fuel the fire

You are a product of impulse
You do whatever it is you please
Left perpetually dissatisfied
Longings always unappeased


It seems to me that you’ve found someone else
Someone to talk to through the days and nights
But honey, one thing I know for sure
You’ll be looking for me when they dim the lights


I was honestly quite nervous
To finally see you after seven long years
Would we crack jokes resonating in laughter
Or will we find ourselves reminiscing in tears?

I don’t know what I was hoping for
Maybe for us to still have some spark
But you seemed to have moved on completely
While parts of me still linger in the dark

I did enjoy hearing what you’ve been up to
It seems you have your life figured out
And the greatness of what you’ll achieve in this world
Is something I’ve never even begun to doubt

It was really nice to hear your laugh again
But to be honest it made me quite sad
Out of nowhere I was overpowered with a sense of loss
For the chance I feel we never really had

But still the beauty and innocence of our young love
To me will always hold so much ground
A rarity in this often dreary world
A gem that we w ere lucky enough to have found

Although maybe this encounter meant a lot less to you
Than it overwhelmingly did to me
What you gave me is still the closest thing to perfection
That I have ever been blessed to see

There’s some part of you I desperately held onto
This vague idea of possibility
That maybe one day it could still be us
That somehow we were still meant to be

But maybe seeing you is something I needed
To finally put closure to what was us
And I can only pray to have another chance
Of experiencing the greatness of this kind of love

So be well my love, take care
I wish you all the best
And as I’ve said a million times before
You deserve all of this life’s happiness