I choose to love you in silence
But my heart aches to make a sound
To let its beats be heard by you
To bring back the cries it’s drowned

But once you hear my heartbeat’s thump
Will it give you a reason to stay?
Or will you ignore its desperate batter
Until it slowly fades away



In between time zones
In perpetual transition
Caught in between what’s then and now
Suspended in an endless confliction

Stuck in a constant limbo
Always finding myself in in-betweens
No roots to keep me grounded or wings to fly
No one to hold onto by any means

So I’ll just stay suspended in midair
Till someone chooses to pull me down
Because I’m always wanting to be discovered
I’m always waiting to be found


I don’t want the sex
I just want the subtlety
Of a hand held tightly amidst a crowd
Of a hug so tight and snuggly

The way you tuck my hair behind my ear
The way you sneak kisses on my cheek
These might not be the grandest of gestures
But they surely get me weak

Because life and love are in the little things
They’re in the little things you do
And these sweet subtle things you do my love
Are what keep me coming back to you


Just give me a moment to grieve
Just give me a second to mourn
To put the pieces back together
Of my heart so desperately forlorn

Because I can only take so much
Of these empty glimpses of hope
So give me a minute to lament
Just give me a second to mope

But I promise you I’ll be back on my feet
That I will someday be okay
The sun will come shining brightly soon
Amidst all these clouds of gray


I’m so exhausted of the wait
Why can’t you just come around
I’ve been lying here in the darkness
Constantly waiting to be found

How much do you want me to suffer?
How many tears do you need me to cry?
They keep saying that you’ll come around
That right timing will bring the right guy

But the truth is I don’t know if you even exist
If you’ll ever find your way to me
And my darling in this excruciating wait
Everyday my heart breaks silently


I’m tired of falling in love with places
I just want to find home in your arms
Because this ever-changing scenery
Is starting to lose some of its charms

Maybe my heart is looking for ways to settle
Instead of always longing for the thrill
Maybe in your love I can find adventure
Maybe my restlessness it can fulfill


You are an elusive creature
A figment of my imagination
I wish I can breathe you into existence
Straight out of my craving contemplation

Because my heart can’t take it anymore
The desperation in my being
To keep longing for an intriguing love
To continue this deceiving


I can’t stand right beside you
Without my poor heart making haste
I can’t look at your tender lips
Without wondering how they taste

I can’t think about your charming smile
Without wanting to come closer
I can’t look into your soulful eyes
Without the urge to pull you nearer

I can’t find the words to tell you
Because I don’t know what to say
How do you even begin to tell someone
You want them each and every day?


You’ll beg, you’ll plead, you’ll light your votive candles
You’ll choose the short end of the stick
You’ll follow me into the depths of hell
If only just to get your fix

You’re enraptured by the mayhem of my mind
Seduced by my thoughts so chaotic
Oh boy you damn well know by now
That in me you’ve found your very own narcotic


In the heat of flaming fire
In the dehydration of a drought
In the cries of roaring thunder
And in the sullenness of a pout

In the gold of blazing sunshine
In the wetness of pouring rain
In the desperation of a pleading voice
And in the hollowness of pain

All I truly want is you with me
All I’ll ever need is your touch
Oh please tell me my sweet darling
Am I asking for too much?