Happy Mother’s Day
To all the moms out there
To those that have sacrificed so much
With all their tears and pain to bear

But sadly sometimes relationships can’t be fixed
And to this I don’t know what to say
Because all the damage has been done
There’s no reversing the decay

Because as much as we want to fix what we have
Sadly there is no turning back
There’s no repairing all the wasted years
There’s no filling the voids and cracks



There’s this look that I crave for
A tenderness in your gaze
A desperation in your wanting
A lust that sets my soul ablaze

The way I see my future
When looking into your eyes
Watch the years unravel before us
All the dreams and adventures we’ll realize

The way we gaze at each other lazily
In between sheets on a Sunday morning
The look of vulnerability in the mirror
When I realize how fast I’m falling

I just want you to look at me
The way sailors do at sea
Realizing the beauty and infinity
Of what this life of ours could be


You said I love you
And I heard it go off
The countdown of the time bomb
The tick tock of the clock

I said I love you back
And I meant it with all my heart
And the moments that we’ll share together
Will be extraordinary and full of spark

But don’t be fooled by this happiness
This is only the beginning
Because in this game of life and love
Sometimes sadly there is no winning

These tender confessions that we make
This life of love that we intend
Marks the beginning of our time together
And also the beginning of our end

Because the moment we say I love you
Is a countdown to when we’ll fall apart
Nothing lasts forever my darling
And this I’ll tell you from the start


Kiss me when you can no longer contain
Happiness bursting at the seams
Kiss me when the loneliness lingers
Bubbling beneath the surface it teems

Kiss me when you feel overwhelmed
By the world’s greatness and it’s sheer beauty
Kiss me when the sadness takes over
When the world is glum and skies are dreary

Kiss me when your soul is frightened
Of the uncertainty that lies ahead
Kiss me every day and every night
While you tuck me in when I go to bed

Kiss me when words are not enough
So my lips may never have to wander
Kiss me through the danger of it all
Through the fires, storms, rain and thunder


I was blind to all your ugliness
You never treated me with respect
You persisted despite all my pleas
Now all I have is the weight of my own regret

There’s nothing for us to go back to
The end of it as far as I can tell
And amidst your constant lies and manipulations
I somehow broke away from your spell


Coming down from the high of you
You were too quick to open the locks
I told you to stop and give it a moment
But you continued to open Pandora’s box

Now the mystery gone and the yearning pacified
I realized you’re but human too
And with its contents blowing into the open air
Gone is my idealized version of you


It seems to me that you’ve found someone else
Someone to talk to through the days and nights
But honey, one thing I know for sure
You’ll be looking for me when they dim the lights


I was honestly quite nervous
To finally see you after seven long years
Would we crack jokes resonating in laughter
Or will we find ourselves reminiscing in tears?

I don’t know what I was hoping for
Maybe for us to still have some spark
But you seemed to have moved on completely
While parts of me still linger in the dark

I did enjoy hearing what you’ve been up to
It seems you have your life figured out
And the greatness of what you’ll achieve in this world
Is something I’ve never even begun to doubt

It was really nice to hear your laugh again
But to be honest it made me quite sad
Out of nowhere I was overpowered with a sense of loss
For the chance I feel we never really had

But still the beauty and innocence of our young love
To me will always hold so much ground
A rarity in this often dreary world
A gem that we w ere lucky enough to have found

Although maybe this encounter meant a lot less to you
Than it overwhelmingly did to me
What you gave me is still the closest thing to perfection
That I have ever been blessed to see

There’s some part of you I desperately held onto
This vague idea of possibility
That maybe one day it could still be us
That somehow we were still meant to be

But maybe seeing you is something I needed
To finally put closure to what was us
And I can only pray to have another chance
Of experiencing the greatness of this kind of love

So be well my love, take care
I wish you all the best
And as I’ve said a million times before
You deserve all of this life’s happiness


How convenient of you to leave me stranded
During the time I needed you most
Left me feeling desolate and deserted
Grasping at air, barely managing to cope

Don’t you dare look back and reach out to me
No more seconds left on the clock to tick
I gave you chances you never deserved
But I was always still last on your list


You understand my quirks
My deepest insecurities
One of the few who can put up with
My annoying idiosyncrasies

You’re the person I confide in
To share the good and the bad
Life’s curveballs don’t seem so harsh
Since you’re always there to hold my hand

I feel comfortable telling you anything
I never get any judgment from you
Making me feel safe and cared for
Is what you always manage to do

We’ve gone through so damn much
And we’ve seen each other through the worst
You’re the constant X in my life
To you I always come running first

So stay with me through all the years
And never leave my side
I know our friendship was built to last
The trials and the tests of time