In between time zones
In perpetual transition
Caught in between what’s then and now
Suspended in an endless confliction

Stuck in a constant limbo
Always finding myself in in-betweens
No roots to keep me grounded or wings to fly
No one to hold onto by any means

So I’ll just stay suspended in midair
Till someone chooses to pull me down
Because I’m always wanting to be discovered
I’m always waiting to be found



You said I love you
And I heard it go off
The countdown of the time bomb
The tick tock of the clock

I said I love you back
And I meant it with all my heart
And the moments that we’ll share together
Will be extraordinary and full of spark

But don’t be fooled by this happiness
This is only the beginning
Because in this game of life and love
Sometimes sadly there is no winning

These tender confessions that we make
This life of love that we intend
Marks the beginning of our time together
And also the beginning of our end

Because the moment we say I love you
Is a countdown to when we’ll fall apart
Nothing lasts forever my darling
And this I’ll tell you from the start


I toss and I turn
By sleep I’m befuddled
The darkness is beckoning
My sheets are left rumpled

Wretched and restless
I agonize in my wake
I try to dull the pain
But it’s still a constant ache

No arms to hold me
No warmth to keep me still
An abyss of unsaid longings
And there’s just too much to fill

So instead I lie down staring
And listen to my breaths
Wondering how it will go down
If this is all just one big test

Maybe it’s the lack of bedtime prayers
Maybe it’s a lack of faith
But if this life’s just one big fight
I don’t want to come out unscathed

Would you please sing me a lullaby?
Maybe that’ll do the trick
Show me pictures of fading sunsets
And paint me images acrylic

Or maybe just whisper in my ear
Say everything will be alright
Tell me that you love me dearly
And to get some sleep tonight


Never fully in it
Never fully there
Always stuck in in-betweens
No stillness in the air


It’s taken for granted
It’s set aside
It’s warped and deceiving
And can easily misguide

I find myself wanting more of it
Seems like there’s never enough
I find myself needing more it
Someway to counteract the bluffs

But don’t misunderstand
I don’t need immortality
I just need to do my best
To stray away from life’s inanity

The past, the future, the present
At some point they all blend in
But don’t let this time warp fool you
Every moment’s a chance to begin

So you can take away your safety nets
And leave me with the rest
For I said I have a fear of time
But mentioned nothing about fear of death