Snow, Christmas markets
Sausages and beer
How great to be in Berlin
Around this time of the year

The roads are open and wide
The city boundless and vast
Nostalgia-ridden strolls along the wall
That once divided the east and west

The architecture is magnificent
Filled with ornate, awe-inspiring features
Let me annoy these tourists
Ask them to take another picture

Christmas night was beautiful
Chilly night strolling along the river
I felt as if I was starring in a movie
The leading lady in my own Linklater feature

This trip has been absolutely wonderful
With the company of great friends
But as much as I desire an endless vacation
At some point all good things come to an end



Thrusts and sighs and moans and gasps
Pain and pleasure intertwined
Your hands and lips are on my skin
Moving me in worlds confined


On the nearing eve of this night of darkness
I dedicate this poem to the monsters inside
To the demons we’re faced with everyday
That make us shiver, run and childishly hide

We all have skeletons in our closet
From coming out, depression, to overpowering insecurity
We all deal with our own forms of self-loathing
Unresolved pain and unwanted scrutiny

This life can be unkind and unfair
Sometimes it takes a lot more than it gives
Meeting people that would rather trick than treat you
Can make it rather hard to trust and forgive

We tremble and we shudder
But for strength you’ll never have to look too far
Look for the light inside you
And realize how truly strong you are


Never fully out of the woods
Always within harm’s grasp
Hungry shadows lurk in corners
Waiting for weary souls to clasp

Is the meadow somewhere near here?
Is the clearing at arm’s reach?
I’ve gone tired of restlessly searching
For this solace I beseech

All I can ask for is a little bit of light
But the trees are far too dense
In this damned life of discontent
Do things ever start to make sense?

The shade is far too suffocating
The cruel cold is seeping in
I long for times of innocence
To feel the sunlight on my skin

The nights go by in stifled screams
But still I try to see the good
And when this world chooses to prove me right
Is the day I’ll finally be out be out of the woods


The color that I look for
In all the headlights flashing by
The color of my eager heart
That’s always too na├»ve to try

The color of my unused sweater
Going cold and stale on the chair
The color of my disappointment
That’s become just too much to bear


Find a way to keep me safe
Save the sunlight in my eyes
The world’s too dreary of a place
An undoer of hope in full disguise

Keep pushing me to further heights
Show me places I’ve never seen
Love me with all your heart and soul
You can never be too keen

Is this too much to ask for?
Am I reaching for the stars?
Are you the joker or the king of hearts
If I choose to bet on cards

See through this bizarre life with me
We’ll make our own wild crazy path
And for you to hold my hand my love
Is all that I can ever truly ask


Your impending presence is at hand
The distance between us decreasing
Can’t wait to hear the stories you’ll tell
See the story of us unfolding

It’s been a such a long time coming my love
Since the night you caught my eye
Who knows what this world will make of us
Maybe we can even give it one good try?

But all this aside it doesn’t matter
How the story of us is written
I feel privileged to just have known you
I guess you can say I’m surely smitten

I feel it in the early autumn air
The goodness of life and its possibilities
That despite all the tragedies we’ll face
I’ll always have our own little infinity


Nine hours left till I get to touch you
Nine hours until I can see your smile
After borders crossed and walls put up
My heart still remains too juvenile

With the glass sadly break and shatter?
Will my hopeful desires be put at stake?
Or will you prove to me for once my love
That there’s another step for us to take


I can’t recreate the perfection you gave me
It was one of a kind in its own time
Now I’m left burdened with almost but never enough
Stuck chasing words that never seem to rhyme


Always keep one foot out the door
Because this was never bound to last
As it is with all of life’s erraticisms
This again too shall pass

Whether a taste of heaven or a taste of hell
Be it warm sunshine or blazing fire
Don’t fool your wide-eyed self into thinking
That you’ll be stuck within the mire