A fire in the middle of winter
Snowflakes in the middle of spring
As improbable as having a one true love
As fleeting as the romance of a summer fling

Please change the workings of my mind
Pump new blood into my heart so jaded
Stop me from settling for cold and bitter
Save me from the lonely life that I’ve been slated



I see who you can come to be
But not acquainted with who you are
The things you can potentially amount to
So much more than this subpar

I fooled myself all this time
Reality became inconsequential
Because I was never truly in love with you
But I was in love with your potential


As we lie next to each other
Quietly listening to the rain
In the heart of hearts I know my darling
That this love wasn’t meant to end in vain


Till the last few seconds of a ticking hour
Till the exhausted gasps of a dying breath
Till the remaining oranges in the hues of a sunset
Till the last-minute scribbles on a written test

I’ll choose to put my faith in you
Wholeheartedly, no matter what the cost
I’ll choose to put my trust in you
Despite all of me that could be lost


When the lights dim down and the world goes black
When the sun chooses to take back its shine
Just hold my hand my dearest darling
Because in each other’s arms we’ll be just fine


How can you end something
That never really had a chance to start
How can you choose to bridge the distance
Of two people meant to be apart

How can you mourn for something
That was never truly real
How can I even begin to comprehend
All these conflictions that I feel

How can I say goodbye to you
Without a chance to ever say hello
How can we stand in this windowless room
Without the possibility of us to grow

How can I tell you that I love you
Without the security of your touch
How can this even begin to work
Without me asking for too much?


Feel the beat amidst your pulse
As you hear the crowds go insane
Feel the bass in the drop of the music
As the rush flows wildly through your veins


She was free
The earth was made for her to roam
She saw it in the orange of the sunsets
And felt it in the depth of her bones

She was free
Just like the tingle in the autumn air
She saw it in the mists over mountains
And felt it in the breeze in her hair

She belonged to no one, no one belonged to her
Her love was made for all the land
She lived her life as a captivating story
Crossing adventures off the back of her hand


I wonder how long we can keep this up
How long we can make this last
Because as fast as some fires come to ignite
So as quickly do they come to pass

It seems that we’ve chosen to play a game
Consumed by our world of make-believe
I’ll be the girl and you’ll be the boy
As we offer up our hearts naïve

But to what extent can we play this game
Tell me how far can we go
You say you love me but the truth is my dear
The first thing about me you don’t even know


There’s something extraordinary for me
It’s waiting just around the corner
The older I become and the wiser I get
The more I feel its presence getting closer

My restless soul and my eager heart
Will find it’s place in this world
The boldness that I bring to the table
Will surely not be left unheard

Can’t wait for the future and what it brings
And all that life will come to be
I be damned if I don’t end up living
A life amazing and extraordinary